Innovative Media Services

Creating and establishing a brand image for a product or service is our passion. Great success lies in great simplicity. A fact cherished by us and forgotten by most. Be it a brand visual, words or mode that go into advertising your product, we know how to create a clear and crisp message that is seen, understood and recalled by your target audience. We focus on audience aggregation that gives a wider sales opportunity to our customers. At IMS, we know that advertising is not merely bringing information about your product in front of the audience, it is about ensuring that it penetrates the mind and compliments the desires of the public. We believe that Advertising is about understanding the dormant dreams that need stoking with good advertising communication. An advertisement that has the right visuals, words and place always mean higher revenue results.

Our team brings 15 years+ advertising industry experience, and customer satisfaction remains the core of our services. We focus on advertising ideas that have the differentiation and ensure that the usual is resisted. We stretch our imagination to come up with creative content. We let our work speak for us. At IMS, an imaginative narrative is up to our alley. We know our clients would love to create and establish brands out of their advertising efforts. Our advertising philosophy circles this objective.

Our service offerings are a bouquet of integrated advertising services that ensure our customer receives an end to end advertising support. Our service offerings start with creative and end with, putting the final product on the appropriate advertising media.

Our Services

Digital Marketing – Get to the top of the pack on the Internet. Get Search Engine Optimization edge from our experts and stay ahead of the race, this time on search engines. Digital marketing is the key component of advertising today, and we utilize the best SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing tactics to place our clients right where it matters.

Outdoor Advertising – Reach your potential audience while they are in transit or waiting. We help you catch them at train stations, airports, on the freeways. Based on your product line and target audience, we design, advise and place advertising campaigns in the right place with the help of the right medium.

Retail Advertising – No more a high price tag game, we help you create a strong recall of brand advertising communication for your product. We help you build and sustain a brand strategy that will help to establish and propagate the brand image in the desired market. The retail advertising has always been perceived as meant for bigger brands only. However, with the innovative service mix, we have formula available to make it a proposition for every advertising budget.

Creative Concepts – Our Art direction and copywriting experts bring the words and visuals symphony to ring in that brand impacts to your campaign. An idea is as good as its creatives. Our creative team strategizes and places enormous importance on creating brands out of regular advertising efforts.

Our Mission

Innovative Media Services is one of the leading outdoor and digital Marketing solution provider company, where we believe in creating powerful ideas that transform our client’s brands and businesses. We provide unsurpassed quality and service with honesty and integrity. Everything we do is focussed on propelling success. We believe it is our obligation to comprehend your business and bringing it to the world through our insights. Our culture is characterized by teamwork, mutual respect and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. Let’s use our vision and see the difference. See the differences our vision can make. Innovative media services are Coherent and Pertinent result oriented company to acquire a new path of multifariousness.

Our Vision

Innovative Media Services vision is to attain and maintain a global leadership position in every chosen area of business. We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the best in whatever we do by our integrated efforts. Our passion translates into creativity, using emerging technologies to deliver, established, experiential, digital, and special build campaigns. To create, articulate and pace with the leveraging techniques of the Outdoor world. To move towards the direction of possibilities which advances success ever onward.

Meet The Director

Sanjay Singhania

The advancement of Innovative Media Services advertising began in 2012 by Mr. Sanjay Singhania. Resisting all chances and difficulties at first, IMS Advertising continued rising a seemingly endless amount of time. Mr. Sanjay Singhania holds a Graduate and MBA Degree in Marketing Advertising from the city of Joy – Kolkata. He has several years of experience in Marketing Advertising. Prior to Start IMS, he held key Marketing, Advertising roles at companies. He specializes in all kinds of Advertising and Marketing related services. He is also well versed with modern Advertising and Marketing Techniques.