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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is capable of giving a stand out presence to the product. It has a great ability to get the product noticed and established at a lightning speed. IMS is one of the leading outdoor advertising agency in Delhi & Kolkata provides best places for gantries, billboards, pole kiosks and many more.

Retail Branding

Retail branding communicates the customer as to why a particular product is better than the competition next door. The agency handling retail advertising tasks must have the ability to define & establish a differentiation value for the product. We at Innovative Media Services have experts available for several product segments with case studies and research available at the back of their palm.

Event Management

Imsonline.in prides in addressing every type of advertising requirement of our client. We have the ability to showcase client’s products or services in the right places at the right time. We recommend to our client’s the right mode to take the product to the market. Our event management team is one such department, which ensures our clients reach the audience on foot at a leisurely pace..

Creative Concepts

In IMS we have a team of creative professionals who bring their passion and creative experience to design and communicate our client’s advertising campaigns. The creative concepts team comprises of two distinct teams. The art direction team visualizes the message and decides on the graphics and design of the campaign.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing activities include search engine optimization (SEO) which means staying ahead in organic search when a web browsing user searches for a product or service. Now standing out in billion business is no easy task. It requires strategy and understanding of technicality of the digital world. Search engine marketing (SEM), is another aspect of digital marketing.

Barter Deals

As an advertising agency, we bring in barter deal opportunities to our client’s marketing mix strategy. The term barter deal refers to exchanges of advertising opportunities without the exchange of money. For e.g. we may recommend a banner be displayed at a particular event where the event company will receive some soft benefit from the advertiser, and there will be no exchange of money.

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