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As an advertising agency, we bring in barter deal opportunities to our client’s marketing mix strategy. The term barter deal refers to exchanges of advertising opportunities without the exchange of money. For e.g. we may recommend a banner be displayed at a particular event where the event company will receive some soft benefit from the advertiser, and there will be no exchange of money.

We at IMS have a broad mix of clients who come from different industries creating various barter opportunities for our other customers. The trade opportunities can mean a publication allowing another company to advertise on the newsletter for an exchange of a banner advertisement on the Enterprise’s website. Again no sharing of money is involved, and such opportunities are mutually beneficial and open up new targeting techniques for both the advertisers. The media barter deals open up opportunities for advertisers to showcase their products or services at no cost. The approach of this type allows the marketer a great media mix opportunity combining it with other modes of paid media options chosen to take the product to the market.

We at Innovative Media Services structure barter deals based on the client’s specific requirements. The deal is different for each campaign. The trade deals bring in significant cost savings as well as this approach brings larger exposure base to the media planners kitty. Another advantage of barter deal for the advertiser is it removes the risk of experimentation of using the new channels they had ignored earlier.

We at have different barter deal opportunities for our clients. We can help you get barter deals to present your banners at an event or on a website. We can bring in complimentary products that are a logical extension of your product line offered free when your product is sold at the counter.

Media barter deals add to advantage when it comes to product distribution. Our media barter deals are focused on qualified and discreet product distribution strategy of our client. We discuss and recommend such deals with the client’s sales and distribution team.

Our team at Innovative Media Services walks you through the whole process of barter deals starting with your questions as if the barter deal strategy is suitable for your product image. The decision on barter deal needs to be agreed by sales, marketing, distribution departments to ensure the organization is capable of catering to new locational opportunities brought by barter deal advertising.

We recommend our client consider barter deal as a one segment of their media mix strategy to improve the circle of reach for their products. However, choosing a right caliber trade opportunity is key to the image of the product. It is here we bring in your expertise to advise if barter deal options available are of the same caliber and if such association will add value or diminish the value of the product.

After all, one is known by the company they keep and we are committed to helping our client’s keep the right barter company.


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