OOH Advertising

The world is on the move so should be the advertising. Do you recall watching your favorite star on that big billboard while on your way to the airport? Or do you remember reading the backside of the bench selling with a simple liner? Well, that is OOH. The Outdoor Advertising is capable of giving a stand out presence to the product. It has a great ability to get the product noticed and established at a lightning speed. The advent of technology today allows the customer to interact with the help of the mobile or Wi-Fi, and so marketers are finding it a good economic tool to take their message to the market. The out of home (OOH) marketing is dedicated to getting the attention of the consumer while he is on the move. There are four types of OOH and the categories are billboards, street furniture, transit and other alternatives.

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) intercepts consumer’s active time with the focused message at a time when the consumer is in a very receptive mode. The outdoor advertising requires a deep knowledge of consumer mindset and location relevance. DOOH media benefits location owners and advertisers. It engages the customer or audience in large numbers with the message penetrating effectively ensuring the customer notes the message definitely yet at his own pace. We at believes in keeping a watch on the pulse of the market and keep innovating our service offerings based on the demands of the market to keep our clients right ahead of the competition. We offer Billboards, Pole Kiosks, Gantries & Foot Over Bridges, Malls & Multiplexes, Airports & Stations, Transit Media as part of our OOH services.

There is a reason why OOH works over prime TV spots. The top TV spots are usually after work advertisements which might have a tired customer watching it passively just before his favorite program. There is a huge possibility he has shut his mind after a long day of travel or work and just catches his favorite show and ignore the advertisement spots. The outdoor advertising promises to grab the customer’s attention at his most alert time. The traditional TV advertisers recognize this hurdle of the prime spot advertising and have always looked at OOH as a substitute with enormous impact. Besides matching the result, the OOH offers the huge cost advantage. The usage of OOH advertising such as billboards and displays for advertising or promoting a brand is far less expensive than booking a prime advertising spot on TV, radio or newspaper.

In advanced advertising markets such as the US, billboards remain the predominant representation of OOH advertising. The billboards display of local ads amounts to about 73%, while 18% of national advertisements and 9 percent of public service advertisements are seen on the billboard ads. The OOH advertising industry in the USA is spread over 50 states and has around 2,100 operators today.


Have you noticed your favorite stars smiling back at you from those massive hoarding when you travel to work? Well, those tall hoardings are Billboards.
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Pole Kiosks

The Pole Kiosk is a conventional method of OOH advertising. It brings best of all the worlds. It manages a quick & repetitive recall value.
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Gantries & Foot Overbridges

At Innovative Media Services, we cater to all types of clients with all types of budgets. We offer Foot Over Bridges and Gantries advertising solutions.
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Malls & Multiplexes

IMS recommend this media and locations to clients who wish to make people sit up and take notice of their products or services.
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Airports & Stations

Innovative Media Services helps its clients to get their advertisements in front of the flying crowd by identifying locations at the Airport terminals.
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Transit Media

The advertising that is displayed behind the seats on trains and buses or can on the outside part of moving buses or cars is called Transit advertising.
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