Top 5 Ways That Make Outdoor Advertising More Effective

Did you walk, board a train or drive to your office this morning? As soon as you left your home for your office, you likely came across outdoor advertising. It could have been a hoarding (billboard), bus shelter display, or in-store advertising, each one is different from the other, yet to the common eye all are just outdoor ads

Daily we see hundreds of such outdoor ads but think for a second … how many of them can you actually recall?

Competition is cutthroat in the outdoor advertising arena. Advertising revenue rose to $1.59 billion in early 2015, based on numbers released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). With continued growth and huge spending by larger competitors, it’s essential to make your works count.

Here are five tips to assure that your outdoor ads are noticed, and most importantly, recognized.

1. Less is More

Amnesty International advertisement

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‘Less is more’ means fewer words with complete information. Whenever we move outside we see many forms of advertising, whether it’s a large road-side hoarding or wall posters, we don’t have much time to go through every line printed on it. So it is important to complete your message in fewer words as possible. As a rule of thumb, about 6 words are perfect.

Less is more can also justify the actual size of your hoarding, right? Large, glittery advertisements can be costly and usually come with monthly contracts. Smaller outdoor ad formats are a perfect option for small businesses with fewer budgets as they can be easily placed anywhere.

2. Don’t Distract

Putting up a billboard ensures ‘undivided’ attention of the onlooker. However, it is crucial not to distract the audience with visual elements so much that ‘ad message’ remains in fine print and gets unnoticed. The key objective of a billboard is to engage and not ‘distract’.

According to research, today 68% of the people are making purchasing decisions while traveling. Match this with the fact that even larger percentage of people read outdoor advertising and you’ll want to make sure that yours is the smartest and most engaging!

3. Be Smart, but not too Smart

Water Is Life advertisement

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There is no doubt that a boring advertisement will be ignored and an interesting one will grab your attention. But don’t try to be over smart, people are not there to solve your puzzle while looking at your creative visual metaphors. Make it smart and simple and that will definitely help you in turning some eyes into sales.

4. The More the Merrier

The Real Housewives of New York

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Outdoor advertising may not be affordable, but it can be very effective. Having few posters around probably isn’t going to give a satisfying result. You want to grab as much attention as you can towards your hoarding. Make sure it creates an everlasting impact.

For a small business, using large hoarding as a mass market medium may not be the perfect answer. There is another cheaper local option available. There are some banner printing companies that give cost-effective ad solutions, once you’ve identified which outdoor advertising format to use and where to place them. So choose the outdoor ad formats wisely before going for it.

5. Get Creative

No Rest: 3D paper-crafted horses

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You can create something memorable or eye-catching to grab attention. Be creative with your artwork and visuals. Don’t say, try to show it through your creative, and if it can nail the audience intent, voila! You will be the ultimate winner.

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